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The time is now for Los Angeles Alternative band, Charming Liars. After touring throughout 2016 in support of their acclaimed “12:31 AM” EP, which contained “Soul,” the band’s biggest single yet, the three-piece outfit of Kiliyan Maguire (vocals), Karnig Manoukian (guitar) and Mike Kruger (bass), are now putting the finishing touches on their anticipated debut album. Having steadily released new music each year since 2013, the songs from their forthcoming album find the trio harnessing the raw power of their live shows with the anthemic pulse of “Soul”.

“'Soul' was a launching point for the sound and vibe we’re going for with the full-length,” Karnig previews. “With the new stuff, it’s all about making authentic, honest music.”Kiliyan adds, “It was really amazing to see the reception to “Soul” and it gave us a lot of confidence while making this new record”.

Building on the success of “Soul”, Charming Liars have tapped into something special during the recording sessions for their debut, where the band have further refined their now signature sound, with a batch of their best songs yet.

“We write and produce all the music, which is really important to us,” Karnig explains. Kiliyan adds, “Making the new record has been quite an interesting process and we’ve recorded a number songs. With it being just the three of us, it’s a very organic and internal process. It’s been really cool making the transition from the ‘12:31 AM’ EP into the new record."

In a time when fully fleshed out albums are becoming an afterthought by most bands, Charming Liars have stripped things back and are dead set on crafting a proper long player that will last.

“I grew up a total album rock guy and every song on those records was always very important,” Kiliyan recalls. “When you listen to a record, you know it’s a good record when you put it on and it grips you the whole time. Each song has something to say. We’re just so particular about our songs and we don’t like putting anything out that we wouldn’t be 100% happy with. So there are no standard filler tracks. Each song has multiple things that we feel really excited about”.

Before the new album drops, Charming Liars will first be releasing their striking cover of Elton John’s classic song, “I’m Still Standing”. With a full blessing from Sir Elton, who has been a long-time supporter of the band, Charming Liars’ take on this timeless tune will blow you away. Karnig says. “A lot of fans have asked us to do covers and if we were going to cover a legend, it might as well be Elton. We’ve made the song almost film-score like. It’s really all about the mood and the vocals, which are pretty special and unique.”

“I grew up on Elton John and he has a million great songs, so to pick one was difficult,” Kiliyan says. “But we knew we wanted to do something different, one that not many people had covered. The lyrics spoke to us, as everyone’s been through something and so have we. To find a song that was so upbeat and powerful, and just strip it down to really give it a bone-chilling feel when you listen to it. It’s a great song to let people know we’re here and ready to do some work”. 

With a video on the way for “I’m Still Standing”, extensive touring of North and South America lined up for 2017, and then capping the year off with the release of their debut album, Charming Liars are ready to take the next step in their musical evolution.

Kiliyan perfectly sums up the bright future for the band: “It’s a long way to the top, but it’s a lot of fun on the way up. The idea of what I’m doing now excited me as a kid and excites me just as much, if not more, because it’s now right on our doorstep.”

Charming Liars will release their debut album in 2017. To find out when they will play in a city near you, visit:

To download or stream “I’m Still Standing” visit:


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