Faction X Key Information

Faction Score:

Your Faction Score is computed on a weekly basis and is calculated based on two fundamental components:

1. Your overall social pertinence on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This means the more established you are, the higher your score.

2. Your weekly social growth on the aforementioned socials. This allows rapidly growing artists to have higher scores, even if you're not yet well known.

The components are then compared against the other artists in Faction and a curved score gets computed. This is your Faction score. Your Faction score is then ranked against all the scores in Faction, and your ranking is determined accordingly.


Faction X ranking system ranks all of the artists using the app based on their faction score. Each user is shown the two artists directly above and behind their rank. 

Social Analytics:

In order for you to receive a score, you MUST have released a song on Spotify for the metrics to appear in the Faction X app. Our analytics partner, ChartMetric, uses the Spotify API to verify its artist profiles and pull all other relevant data. ChartMetric and Faction are working to provide enhanced analytics based on music available on additional platforms in future versions of the app.

Industry Partners:

The industry partner companies providing discounted deals for Faction X users are Squarespace (for seamless website creation), Toneden (for Social Marketing), Create Music Group (for earnings management), and DistroKid (for music distribution). Faction will continue to add new partner deals in future versions of the app. 


Questions about the Faction X app? Please email us factionx@factionent.com