SERVICE: Full service merchandising company that does everything from printing, e commerce, distribution, tour supply, wholesaling, etc. They make merchandising ordering from top to bottom easy and streamlined. They are also priced much better than the majority of all competitors.

COMPETITORS: Bravado, Tin Man, Araca, Merch Now

E Commerce 12.5% (AKT Cut)
Retailing 12.5% 
Licensing 12.5%
VIP Upgrades 10%

See next steps to signup here

SERVICE: Kobalt Music Group is the leading global, independent music services company, offering Music Publishing, Label Services, and Neighbouring Rights services worldwide.
Digital distribution, retail marketing and synch company
They are the leading digital distribution company on the market with the most transparency and support for artists. FACTIONS label services team only compliments what we can do for artists.

COMPETITORS: INgrooves, Tunecore

15-20% (Kobalt Cut)
15-20% (Faction Cut of Net)

INSTRUCTIONS: Each distribution deal is structured a bit different with ranging budgets and terms. Contact to begin the process.

SERVICE: Merchandise management platform for artists on tour (and one offs). Along with     maximizing revenue atVenu sends settlement and sales reports, sound scan reporting, inventory       management and merch IQ to help project the entire flow of merchandise.

COMPETITORS: Merch Direct, Band Merch, Merch Now, Bravado


Digital venue sales reports
Soundscan reporter
Automatic settlement and sales reports
Unlimited users/ email recipients
Manage warehouse/ trailer inventors
Create sales and track inventory
$200 - MERCH IQ
Project gross, expenses, and net prot. Know how much merch to order in advance

DEAL: 20% discount on fees (not including soundscan as its set cost)
When you sign any artist up through this link, the 20% discount will be automatically applied, which you’ll see on the second screen of sign up. 

SERVICE: Website design and hosting. Beautifully responsive web 2.0 website that integrate easily with Bands In Town, Spotify and other social media channels.

$16 per month
$12 per month but paid annually

DEAL: 30% off yearly subscriptions with the code "FACTION"


SERVICE: Bridges the gap between digital and physical distribution. Easily create download card to present your music in a stylish and progressive manner. Manufacture, ship and redeem with full dashboard. Their sister company Smartypass prints tour and vip upgrade laminates for any occasion.



  • 100    $0.49 ea.    
  • 250    $0.44 ea.    
  • 500    $0.39 ea.    
  • 1,000    $0.34 ea.    
  • 2,500    $0.29 ea.    
  • 5,000    $0.24 ea.


  • 100    $0.44 ea.    
  • 250    $0.39 ea.    
  • 500    $0.34 ea.    
  • 1,000    $0.29 ea.    
  • 2,500    $0.24 ea.    
  • 5,000    $0.19 ea.

20% off all dropcards

10% off smartypass (vip upgrade and tour laminates)
***Discount will be taken off before invoicing from company. Ask Zach to handle.

SERVICE: Guitar Center is the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in the world with 269 locations throughout the United States.
PRICE: Varies per product

DEAL: 5-25% off depending on the product and margin

INSTRUCTIONS: Email Zach and your bizops for either ordering online or picking up in a store. All deals must be discussed prior to purchase.


SERVICE: Catalogue management for everyone a part of your team internally and externally. Easily house your writer splits and agreements, publishing data and catalogue to easily send private music and synch licensing pitches.

BASIC - free - 50 songs
1GB storage
PRO - $4 Per month
250 songs
unlimited storage
BUSINESS - $12.50 for month
multiple catalogs
advanced metadata management

DEAL: 25% off services

Instructions: Zach will invite you into our parent account and set you up with an account for you artists


SERVICE: One of the best youtube monetization companies within the music industry. CreateTV's unique technology helps monetize on many videos and parts of videos that YouTube misses. Many publishers are also unable to claim the royalties on these videos which opens the door for us to enhance our payout amounts.

DEAL: CreateTV's fee for us is 12.5% which is essentially a 50% discount on their general rates
Biz Ops will be trained to set this up for managers Their Hollywood office has very affordable studios that we will be able to utilize for our artists

INSTRUCTIONS: Discuss with Zach to do a full discography audit and look over deal terms.

SERVICE: Travel agency with an easy to use online booking tool and 24/7 support. Makes booking and organizing tour travel efficient and easy. Support staff is available 24/7 with no hold times or extra fees. 

DEAL: Service fee is $9 per trip with their online booking tool, up to 3 legs. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Email your biz ops to setup your artist for bookings.

SERVICE: Buzzangle is a reporting platform that provides daily numbers for digital sales and streaming as well as in depth analytics. Their easy to use platform is based around interactive widgets that can generate a wide variety of charts and data tables. Mediabase is the counterpart for radio reporting and provides in depth data across terrestrial and satellite stations.

INSTRUCTIONS: Email your biz ops for logins to either.




Spotify Presale

Spotify creates targeted email blasts giving top listeners on the platform exclusive access to a tour "presale" before the general public. These need to be pitched 2-3 weeks prior to the presale date and the artist should have a minimum of 250k monthly listeners.

We pitch directly to Spotify
We create the copy and assets
Spotify sends out the email directly to top listeners in the touring markets
Super fans get an amazing opportunity to buy tickets before everyone else!

Toneden is an innovative multi-use platform that provides easy to use marketing tools to drive fan engagement and collect audience data in one place. 

Lasso: Customizable website widget that prompts social engagement and mail list sign ups
Social Unlocks: Campaign tool that trades free downloads for social follows
Contests: Campaign tool that allows fans to enter a contest via social engagement
FanLinks: Product and content smartlink that redirects to preferred platform
Automated Advertising: Tool for managing and optimizing facebook ads
Direct Messaging: Email marketing tool that collects engagement analytics

More info here

Set The Set is a free promotional platform where fans can vote on the setlists they want to see at their specific shows. Artists are under no obligation to play those songs, it's just for engagement and we have the ability to collect all emails of the entrants. In addition to "Setting the Set", we have also ran a "Set the Single" campaign in which fans can vote on which song they would like to see as the next single.

1. Fans go to
2. Fans select which concert they are a?ending
3. Fans pick up to 20 songs to create their dream set list
4. Fans enter their email or connect with Facebook
5. Fans turn their set lists into Spotify playlists with the click of a button
6. The artist and management receives a concert report 24 hours prior to every show (includes: Top 20 songs the audience wants to hear at that show + concert attendees email addresses).


SERVICE: is a video sharing social network that allows users to create short lip synch clips to their favorite songs. The app has an extremely active young community of content creators. We are able to run song campaigns and contests through the app that drive streams and engagement.

Next Wave
Next Wave is a promotional program to introduce the next hot songs to musers. We want to find the next hit song on with Next Wave Project. Note, this program is geared to put a spotlight on emerging artists and new or undiscovered music!

Next Wave launches on the first day of each month with special folder of 15 songs appearing in the top position of Pick Music section of app

Deadline to apply is typically 1-2 weeks before each monthly launch.



Shazam has expanded beyond song recognition to include shazam-able visual content and data collection, allowing for endless possibilities for creative marketing campaigns. In addition, Shazam Connect also allows artists more control over their Shazam profile.

More info on Shazam's new features here