Ramsey is a 20-year-old indie electronic artist, writer and producer based in Los Angeles. Writing and producing music for her forthcoming debut EP since 2014, Ramsey began posting music to her Soundcloud in early 2016 and went on to become a fixture in tastemaker blogs after amassing 2.4 million streams in just four months. The EP's lead single "See You Bleed" was originally posted to Soundcloud February 2016 and quickly climbed the charts, reaching #197 on the worldwide Digital Radio Tracker. Pop Wrapped says, "Ramsey is wasting no time gathering her growing legion of fans, and for good reason; she is something very different in an ocean of carbon copy musicians looking to strike celebrity gold. Intent on moving people into a raw and emotional space, Ramsey uses her distinct and vulnerable vocal style to reach through to the hearts of her listeners."

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